Youths Escape Outdoors

Post date: Feb 16, 2015 10:0:44 PM

(By Philip Wade)

Finally we escaped outdoors from Outdoor Escape (could not resist that one!). We left the turbos behind this week to get some fresh air and sunshine. While our numbers have deteriorated over the winter the usual suspects turned out. Also, delighted that we had Gabby Fox join us outside for the first time and showed ability on the hills. We are now starting to see the fruits of LSW's successful sprocket rocket program as they progress into youth cycling. As it was our first week out we kept it simple with laps of the Belvedere loop around to Joe Dolan Bridge while doing efforts and sprints on the drag out to the golf club. Special thanks to Camillus for watching out at the main road for us on each lap. We also took a lap of the short hill up to Rochfordbridge road. We have plenty of roads close by to challenge the group. Looking forward to continued warmer spells over the coming months.

Also , this weekend Naomi and Aaron attended the inter-provincial team try-outs for Cycling Ireland's National development squad at Corkagh Park. Each province showed up with their own select team of representatives. There was a lot of tough competition for everyone and it was interesting to see the youths shoot off like rockets just to look completely burnt out after three laps.The atmosphere was great and there were supporters situated along the course cheering each competitor on. Naomi and Aaron found it tough yet cycled well and kept going even though they did not get a place on the Development Squad.