Midland League Race Thursday 28th April - Update

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 3:53:15 PM

URGENT NOTICE - Tonight's MIL race sign-on (and afters) has moved to Castledaly's GAA hall. It's on the race circuit and saves the 5km trek to and from the race start/finish. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.

With regard to the 10.6km race lap shown below, the GAA hall is at the 8k mark. After sign on we roll uphill for 2km to the main road where we start. You will do 4 laps; 3 are full laps but the 4th is a litle shorter at 8km. On that 4th and final lap, instead of turning right in Castledaly village, you continue straight and finish 400m up that road.

Due to problems with the road surface on the regular MIL Mount Temple circuit a new route has been chosen. It can be viewed on Strava at http://www.strava.com/routes/4791901

Another view of the lap. There are 3 info tags on it; the upper right one shows the start point, the other two are our 2 options for a finish (TBA). You can see the double roundabout Exit 7 above the start point. We will come down that road from the sign on to join the circuit. The 8km mark is Castledaly village. Please note we go left and then right there, all within 300m. Right turns are unusual in racing here so exercise caution as you cross traffic lanes.

Midland League 2016 Round 1 route map.