Wheelers Placed in Gorey's Serc Grand Prix

Post date: Aug 03, 2015 6:2:44 PM

(By Graham Morgan -Sun. 2nd August 2015)

This morning I headed to Wexford for the Serc Grand Prix outside Gorey, an hour and fifteen minute drive with motorway all the way these days. As I arrived, Aidan Farrell texted to say he was on a course for "making animal shapes out of towels" but had the morning off so he would be doing the race.

Out on the course, we pushed hard on the first lap but nothing split then we took it easy for the next two laps. On the final lap we attacked on a climb and went on a break for 2km only to be chased down. We tried to recover as much as possible and stay close to the front.

On the drag to the finish we worked our way to the top again. I finished 7th with Aidan closely behind in a sprint finish.

Graham Morgan with Aiden Farell at Serc Grand Prix in Gorey