Michael Walshe Wins Round 4 of Midland league

Post date: May 18, 2014 8:38:16 PM

(By Billy Cunnane)

On Thursday 15th May Woltrap CC hosted round 4 of the Midland League in Birr. A 22km lap to be completed twice awaited all the riders. There was a great turnout of Wheelers across all categories. First race off on the evening was the A/B race. The B group containing 27 riders got a 1.5 minute advantage on the chasing A group which contained 12 riders. The A group put in a strong ride and caught the B's 2km from the finish and on the uphill sprint Aidan Daly got 7th and Matt Burke 9th.

The next race off was the C/D race. The D group containing 10 riders got a 3.5 minute advantage on the chasing C group of 25 riders. The C group caught the D's on the last lap with Michael Walshe attacking the bunch on the uphill finish and was rewarded with 1st with Moss Keane 7th. The next Midland League report will be on Round 5 which is taking place in Clara on Thursday 22nd May starting at 7pm. Minimum of a club competition licence is required at sign on.

Mick Walsh wins Round 4 of Midland League