What to Carry With You On A Cycle

Post date: Dec 12, 2011 9:59:14 PM

Finally money: for various reasons, for getting the all-important cup of coffee/tea, for phone call if you are stranded or for bribing the strongest rider not to drop you!

This week’s tip is: what we should carry with us while we’re out on a spin. This may seem pretty straightforward but they’re essential. A spare tube or two (especially if you’re on your own), tyre levers (At least two), a pump or CO2 tyre inflator & canister, the latter is very good at getting your tyres up to a high pressure to complete your spin, a multi tool with various size Allen keys, flat & Philips head screw driver. These come with many other tools but if you have one with these tools it should get you out of most situations.

A fully charged mobile phone is essential if you are on your own, because you never know what might happen. A couple of self-sticking patches can come in handy for various reasons, e.g. put on inside of tyre if you get a tear when you puncture. Another mistake a lot of us make (including me) is that we don’t carry I.D; again this is very important if you are out on your own!