“To Arthur” - Group C Report Sunday 24th July

Post date: Jul 25, 2011 10:1:36 AM

Arthur was back on duty again on Sunday morning, leading the C group cycle. A group of ten - Arthur Dempsey, John Boyan, Paddy Kelly, John Culligan, Martina O’Toole, Anthony Barrett, Kevin Monaghan, Derry Kilroy, Shane Corcoran and Oliver Bright - set off shortly after the B group along the N52 bypass and on to Rochfortbridge, where Shane Corcoran had to return due to a “mechanical” just before the village.

Derry “The Beast” Kilroy (sorry Derry but that’s what the jersey says) took up the pace across to Rhode and such was the pace, returning Sunday morning cyclist Kevin Monaghan thought he had joined the wrong group for his maiden voyage from ORS! Arthur soon called things to order and things settled down as the group made its way across towards Daingean, thankfully avoiding the drag up by the side of Croughan Hill.

Once on the main Daingean road the weather took a turn for the worst and with no let up in the heavy mist rain, the call went up to shorten the route from the original plan of Tullamore to Tyrrellspass. “To Arthur” was taken as a positive reaction to this decision as there certainly weren’t any objections as they took a right out of Daingean. Ollie Bright, in great shape given his late night on Saturday, suggested an alternative route to the usual one to Croughan and in so doing the group managed to avoid the hill for a second time. After a few kilometres of “Paris-Roubaix” like bog road, the group was back on the road to Tyrrellspass and made a welcome pit stop for refreshments at the Castle. Route selection was called into question when a group of bone-dry cyclists were spotted enjoying the Castle’s coffee and scones!

Back on the bikes, it took a while to get warmed up again in the wet gear but with Derry upping the pace for the run-in, things weren’t too long hotting up as he dragged the bunch along, marshalled closely by team leader Arthur.

Derry, Arthur and Anthony chating with Clem and Sean before Sundays spin.