Great Youth Results in Kildare

Post date: Jun 14, 2015 9:1:5 PM

By Naomi Wade (Sunday 14th June)

The sunny days of June had the youths meeting up in Multyfarnham for a mock TT to prepare us for the club league TT. We had Moss Keane guiding us through what exactly we needed to do and when during the 7.5k course. It was tough to say the least but enjoyable as we first all did the course together and then for our second attempt, we treated it like a proper TT to test out the tips we had been given. We carefully timed ourselves so that we can compare our times when we do the TT for the league. The weather was dull yet dry with only one shower but we managed to get out of it and stay dry for its duration. We were all fairly happy with our times and aim to do even better for the real thing.. that’s if the dogs don’t run out at us again!

Sunday had Aaron and Conor attending the Sean Nolan GP in Navan. While trying to be prepared and sussing out the course for their warm up, our boys managed to get lost! Their race also happened to be starting earlier that initially planned. Philip didn’t hesitate to jump in the car and search for them. By the time he found the two, they were a few kilometres away from the start and had to do a TT behind the car to get back in time for their race. Thanks to Camillus’ best efforts to hold up the race! The boys had just arrived back at the start with their heart rates at MAX when it was time to go. Needless to say they had an intense warm up. Despite the earlier panic, they returned home proud of their results. Aaron coming 5th and Conor coming 7th both in the bunch sprint at the finish.

Saturday 13th June had us meeting at the new clubhouse at the usual time of 10am. Unfortunately only four of us showed up. We made the most of this and did an hour easy pre-race session as most of us had tough sessions the next day which required all of our energy. Philip made this session fun by telling us at the beginning that each of us had to do at least two ‘attacks’ on the group. We could do them anytime we wanted and only had to put in the effort for about 30 seconds. It was enjoyable suffering because we all made it competitive!

Today saw four Lakeside Wheelers youths partaking in the Paddy McCormack Memorial race in Kildare. We had myself, Damien and Camillus for support. It was a fabulous day and was enjoyed by all. Aaron and Conor raced the U14 race which was a total of 14k with Aaron placing 3rd and Conor taking 7th, both bringing home medals! The two girls Caoimhe and Aoife performed brilliantly in the U12/14 boys/girls race. Caoimhe came 5th overall and 2nd unplaced girl, Aoife coming 7th overall and 3rd unplaced girl. Thank goodness there was no mechanicals! Thanks to Damien and Camillus for transporting us all to the race and putting up with us for the day!!