Sprocket Rocket 2016 Comes to an End

Post date: Aug 01, 2016 5:19:33 PM

This year’s Sprocket Rocket programme came to an end last Monday evening in the Columb Barracks with the traditional Pizza party proving very successful amongst new Rockets.

Programme co-ordinator, Roy Carey was assisted all summer by 38 very committed and dedicated parents and family members who filled the role of Rocket Leaders to ensure that the weekly sessions went smoothly. The final tally of kids or “Rockets” who completed the programme was 135 which, according to Cycling Ireland means that the Lakeside Wheelers Sprocket Rocket is once again the biggest in the country.

To finish off, 2017 won’t be long coming around so if you are interested in becoming a Sprocket Rocket leader please contact Roy Carey or any member of the committee.

Well done to all who facilitated and on behalf of the club committee, a big thank you to everybody for making Sprocket Rocket another huge success. Roy asked that thanks also be expressed to James McDonnell Landscaping for keeping the trails in tip top condition, Tom Cornally, Avonmore for the Chocolate Milk, Apache Pizza and for photography on the final night a special mention to Donie Kelleher who was ably assisted by Joe Duffy.

In the end, the general consensus is, that yet again this has been one of the most successful events run by Lakeside Wheelers and it is thanks to all of these people that several kids are now competent to ride and use their bikes much more safely.

The main skills which the Leaders focus are balancing, braking and cornering. Roy stated that one example of this is the obstacle course which requires the kids to ride over various challenging objects such as see-saws, slides and ramps. By the end of the seven week programme, kids who wouldn’t even attempt these obstacles at the start were flying up and down having fun and it is this improvement which proves that the Sprocket Rocket programme is worthwhile.

2016 Sprocket Rocket participants show off their certs.