Juniors Welcome New Additions to Their Ranks

Post date: Aug 23, 2015 9:36:4 PM

Junior Notes by Eamon Hogan

Unfortunately for the young members of this group, the summer break is coming all too quickly to an end, but it was super to see a good number out for an early morning spin. We had a couple of new starters to group cycling this morning, and so it was decided that we should take them out on the N52 Tyrrellspass road that affords us a wide hard shoulder so we could instruct them on what they need to know for group cycling.

For the new guys it is important to get the basics right from the start, getting confident on their bikes, using the up and over system and before long they will be giving Sean Kennedy and all the other hot shots a run for their money. I’d like to thank Noel and Doug for giving a hand out and to Conor Canton and the lads for taking

some of the lads up the road showing them how to cycle in a pace line, they really enjoyed it.

Weather permitting, we will hopefully see you next week, and good luck to Phillip and his team who took home four National medals back from the National Track Championships last week in Belfast and who will be up in Westport for the junior National Championships. All the hard work and long hours is certainly paying off, well done.

Junior Group ready for the off