Where Have All The Cyclists Gone?

Post date: Apr 13, 2020 6:54:52 PM

Report by Steven Franzoni OE Bikes.

With the recent restrictions set in place by the Covid 19 outbreak you might be asking yourself where all the lycra clad, colourful cycling groups have gone to. Are we all sat at home in our tight fitting apparel, cleaning our bikes and dreaming of better times?

Not at all, a few of us have headed into the virtual world of indoor training to get our fix of exercise. The two kilometre restrictions do allow for some outdoor activity but endless small laps could leave you dizzy, and cycling beyond forty five minutes is a little out of the spirit of the restrictions.

Roll on Zwift. Zwift is a sweaty virtual cycling game where you put your bike on a special machine called a turbo and cycle away in different worlds created by the Zwift programmers.

There are different ways to engage with Zwift. Turbo’s comes in a variety of versions that allow different levels of interaction. At the top end of the price scale the turbo’s can create the feeling of uphills and downhills. This gives you the same sensation as being on the road for real. General turbos can be used with the addition of different sensors but don’t offer the same level of interaction.

Within the game you get flat roads, hills and a variety of different virtual guest destinations around the world to keep you entertained and engaged. Of course there is racing as well as options to join organised rides set out by Zwift and others during the day.

Zwift offers training plans for the serious among us and offers countless amounts of data for the tech heads to absorb and analyse.

The downside to Zwift is the obvious lack of fresh air and camaraderie. That’s where we’ve been adding some more technology in the form of chat groups. This keeps us all in contact and keeps the great social side of cycling alive and well. Add in a home fan to move some air and you’re away.

See Pictures for typical home Zwift set up.

So if you have been asking yourself where the cyclists have gone, they are staying at home sweating themselves silly, and counting down the days like everyone else where we can head outdoors. It’s going to be busy. Until then stay safe and indoors within the rules and remember like training it’s the long game that’s important not the short game. Staying home will save lives.

One of our members, Eugene Duffy, is organising virtual Zwift club spins on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Check in with Lakeside Wheelers Sportive FaceBook page and the Lakeside Wheelers website for more information on how you can join in.