Winter Training Plan Launched

Post date: Oct 31, 2016 11:8:14 AM

(By Shay O'Toole - Sun. 30th October 2016)

In recent weeks it was reported in these notes that the committee had requested a small working group to get together and put a winter activity plan in place. The aim of this plan is to provide a range of activities suitable to keep all members in touch with cycling and fitness over the winter months. This group consisting of experienced club members has been working away for the last couple of months and this week the plan is being introduced to all members via this website (click here for details) and club based social media. Please keep an eye on your messages for all the details and see below for a brief outline of what is planned.

Basically, the idea is to provide some type of physical exercise/Crossfit activity on most evenings of the week. Examples of such activities include Strength and Conditioning on Tuesday, Greenway/Canal spin or jogging on Wednesday, Turbo classes in the clubhouse on Thursday, social Cyclo Cross/MTB/Road bike spin on the canal on Friday, Road/Cyclocross spin on Saturday and regular club spin on Sunday. Monday is a designated “Rest Day”!

The hope is that as many members as possible will participate as sessions are being tailored to suit all standards. Currently the plan includes sessions up to Christmas 2016 when it will be updated to reflect the beginning of the new year. Ultimately, the plan is geared towards a club sportive scheduled to take place on April 2nd 2017 to coincide with “Flakanders”, the clubs tribute to the Tour of Flanders. This spin has been running informally since 2011 when a large group of Wheelers traveled to Belgium for the Tour of Flanders sportive and Pro race. It is important to point out that April 2nd will be a sportive and NOT a race so it will be a social event open to all members.

So, please read all associated emails which should land in your In-Box any day now and get involved.