Youths Back to Turbos

Post date: Feb 23, 2015 9:1:8 PM

(By Philip Wade)

Once again the youths refused to be deterred from training with the sudden cold spell on Saturday morning with light snow and 1 degree temperatures. We decided at the last minute to do a turbo session this week as it was too cold to venture out. Delighted to report that there is a strong attendance of youth girls now at the training sessions, boys will be lucky if they are not outnumbered any one of these days and left behind

D.J. Moss Keane took the session this week, and did the session himself, making myself and Mick look bad. He added a fun flavour to it by running a race simulation session. He brought the youths trough a race situation with some hills, multiple sprints for breakaways and with each working at the front for short spells.

The session went down well with all and is valuable experience as the race seasons is only weeks away from starting.

Youths weekend turbo session