Busy Times On Youths Scene

Post date: Feb 02, 2015 9:4:33 PM

Junior Tour Sportive

There was a great Mullingar turnout for today's Junior tour with a large number of cyclists from both Lakeside Wheelers and Midland Triathlon Club taking part. Some of the reports state that the pace was very fast and conditions (prior to the fast pace!) were very cold.

Also this week Naomi and Aaron hit the boards (and Aaron literally ) this week in Alkmaar Holland for some Velodrome training. It was great to see Fiona Meade taking time out of her schedule for the youth and we even have a pic of her wearing a LSW Jersey. hopefully in the future we may see more of the Blue and Yellow on an indoor velodrome !. I hear it is fun after the 1st 50 laps !

(By Sean Kennedy & Phil Wade)

A group of six met at Outdoor Escape for this week’s class under the stewardship of Mick Reynolds and Dave Byrne. We were very happy to welcome two new comers "The O'Brien sisters" from whom we will be expecting great things in the future following their dad's cycling legs :-) . It started off about 10.15 with a warm up then at about 10.20 we started the session in the first gear and went up to the last on the small ring. We repeated this twice then did a warm down. We did a watt sprint test for fun with Adam Dunne topping the board at1036 Watts and Jason Reynolds a close second with 1005. We would like to thank Outdoor Escape once again for letting us use their facilities..

This week was another cold week and we had previously decided to assess whether we could go outdoors or not in Feb. Mick and I spoke about it and we plan to stay in for most of Feb with the way the weather is now. This is due to many factors with number one being safety. This week we were delighted to welcome new members and hope to see them out again soon. Remember that cycling is for Boys and Girls !!.

Junior Tour Sportive participants