Back Indoors for Youth Group

Post date: Mar 01, 2015 11:40:28 PM

(By Roy Carey)

On Friday evening, the dreaded forecast brought the news that the Saturday morning youth group would be off the road for another week. Early starters on Saturday morning may have had some hope that maybe the road spin might still be on. Unfortunately the myriad of weather apps pointed towards heavy winds and rain. We stuck with the initial plan for another well structured turbo session indoors at Outdoor Escape. The group got busy setting up and were soon warming up led by Henry Whitson for this week.

The gender balance in cycling is starting to turn if the make up of today's group is anything to judge by. The group made up primarily of the next generation of Lakeside Wheelers ladies, made light of all the efforts that Henry was calling out. Great work from all the ladies (and gents) on show this morning. Keep up the work and you will be ripping up the road when you get out there.