Mixed Fortunes In Rathdowney on Easter Sunday

Post date: Apr 21, 2014 6:53:39 PM

(By Roy Carey)

A big bunch of Lakeside Wheelers headed to Rathdowney today to take part in the A4 and Ladies classic league races.

In the A4 race Mossy Kane, David Casserly, Aidan Daly and Graham Morgan fought it out over a rolling 55km course. After some aggressive maneuvers from the guys the race came down to a sprint finish, which just saw the guys out of the prizes.

In the Ladies race Michelle O'Halloran, Sonja O'Mahony and Aisling Flanagan lined up for round two of the Ladies Classic League. With league points up for grabs the early racing was very tactical and on the second of two laps the girls started to show some dominance. However towards the end of the race an erratic move by a competitor saw Sonja taken out of contention. With the finish pace increasing the remaining two girls were left to sprint it out with fifteen or so remaining riders.

Following some hairy and aggressive sprinting to the line Michelle grabbed second place behind former Wheeler and now DID rider Sarah Piner. Aisling flew into forth place adding to her tally of points in the league so far. This leaves both girls well placed in the league with plenty more rounds in the summer to go.

Great race support today from Roy Carey, Steven Franzoni and Dylan one and two.

The Easter Sunday Rathdowney Race Team