Winter Training Plan - Part 2

Post date: Jan 06, 2017 2:28:7 PM

(By Mick Reynolds - Fri. 6th January 2017)

These leader led spins were a big success and the combination of A and B groups resulted in many new and old members making new friends. The next phase of the plan which has been emailed to all members in recent days will see more attention placed on slightly more effort and intensity as the weeks pass.

As anyone who has been out on Sunday spins over the last few months will know, the aim of the first phase of the plan was to do steady miles in light enough gears whilst paying attention to the ethics of group cycling.

It is no coincidence that this adaptation follows on from the excess eating and partying associated with the festive season which has just ended so, what better time to re-focus and get motivated again.

The winter training plan which many members have been following over the last two months has now being stepped up a level and the coming weeks will see an increase in effort and intensity.

The overall aim of the plan is to prepare members for “Flakanders” which is the club’s sportive that pays homage to the Tour of Flanders and has been a regular on the calendar since 17 Lakeside Wheelers members took part in the Sportive associated with this Belgian classic in 2011.

This year’s “Flakanders” will be staged on 2nd April and it is hoped that all members will participate in it. The training plan is open to all members and is flexible so please don’t hesitate to contact any of the group leaders if you need advice on making it more suitable for your capabilities.

Training Plan Part 2

Part 2 of the Winter training plan takes us through 3 x 4 week phases - Base 3, Build 1 and Build 2. A group of members have put this together with the aim and goal of having the club plan finishing for the clubs now annual spin, the Lakeside Wheelers version of the Tour Of Flanders which is on the 2nd April 2017. This could be a goal for all members of the club to aim towards this weekend.

This plan is for everyone and we hope to continue to utilise the club's facilities and equipment this year. The attached "Lakeside Wheelers Training Plan for Base 3, Build 1 and Build 2 phases" can be tweaked to suit your needs and capabilities so please don't hesitate to ask any club member how you can make it work for you.

For now lets focus on January which is Base 3.

Typical Week Base 3: 2nd January through to 29th January.




Work on Strength. This can be a Strength and Conditioning class/ weights session etc or a Turbo session with Strength efforts included. Turbo sessions based on the Training plan are attached.


Club spin on the Old Rail Trail Greenway 6:30pm. Meeting point is Council Council Car Park - Lights are Essential. This is a 2 hour really steady endurance spin. It has been very well attended over the past few months.


Club Turbo in Clubhouse 6:45pm. Contact Mossy Keane / Mick Reynolds / Dave Casserly / Robbie Kenny / PJ Carey. Turbo sessions based on the Training plan are attached to this page - see bottom of page to view or download.


Rest. Another option here is a social spin down the Royal Canal Greenway from Dublin Bridge at 6.30pm. Contact Eoghan Kevlihan / Daragh Caffrey.


Road cycle to include Tempo efforts or Form Sprints – details of what Tempo and Form sprints involve are included in the training plan.


Club Spin 9am Club house - Structured endurance spin - with group leaders. Base 3 involves "Bigger Hills" and the group sizes will be reduced to 6 or 8.

If you have been attending Sunday morning spins regularly over the past 2 months you should have found a group that you are comfortable in, i.e.the effort required to stay in the group is neither too much nor too little for you. It is primarily up to each individual to select the right group for themselves and careful consideration should be given to this. This will become more important as we progress through Base 3, Build 1 and Build 2 phases.

Whatever group you are in on a particular Sunday, it is really important to train together as a tight knit group and respect the group ethos.

Do a self-assessment at the end of the spin and ask yourself the following questions:

    • Was I too strong for the group? Should I move to a stronger group next week?

    • Was I too weak for this group? Should I move to a weaker group next week?

    • Was this group just right for me?

Position yourself in a group that is suitable to your fitness at that time. Your group may change from time to time depending on your fitness.

Consult with the group leader if you are unsure.