Winter Weather Disrupts Cycling Plans

Post date: Jan 08, 2018 10:54:22 PM

(By Shay O'Toole - Sun 7th January 2018)

Unfortunately the weather of late has been very wet, windy and/or frosty so the usual Sunday morning spins have been hampered. Once or twice some members made attempts to get out but on at least one occasion the group turned for home prematurely due to the cold and windy conditions. Hopefully there will be better days to come in the near future and the normal weekly spins will resume.

Please be aware of weather and road conditions in these wintry months and remember, safety first for yourself and those who we share the roads with must be a priority at all times.

Turkey Trot

On event that survived the winter weather was the annual Turkey Trot. Temperatures on 27th December last were very low leading to an icy cold morning but Lakeside Wheelers members are a hardy crew and were not to be deterred by a little bit of frost.

The 27th is the day when the club hosts the annual Turkey Trot spin, a short but fun few hours out on the bikes to release energy after the festive dining and to escape the cabin fever associated with the Christmas period. As usual, the departure time was set for 10am however, due to the aforementioned weather conditions this was postponed until 11am to give the roads a chance to thaw out. Thankfully the salt gritting did its job and like clockwork 60 riders departed the Columb Barracks base en route to Tyrellspass Castle for refreshments.

With not one, but two semi-pro photographers in tow, the progress of the large group was well documented by club President Donie Kelliher and former Chairman, Joe Duffy. It was a fine sight to see such a big peloton in club colours making its way out along the N52 even though the fingers and toes of most riders were tingling with the cold.

On arrival at the historic castle restaurant everyone was treated to fine tea/coffee, festive mince pies and hot scones. Just what was needed to revive the soul on such a cold morning. After a very social hour during which everybody dhared their Santa stories the group remounted for the return journey. Weather permitting, most years some of the groups take a scenic route home but this year there was no chance with everybody electing to head back to base directly.

Many thanks to the staff at Tyrellspass Castle for the lovely seasonal fare served up and also to each member who turned out for this annual club favourite.

The large Lakeside Wheelers Peloton en route to Tyrrellspass on the 2017 edition of the Turkey Trot.