Post date: Feb 06, 2012 10:39:53 PM

Whatever the weather conditions, your fluid requirements will increase significantly when cycling. Losses from exhaled breath and from sweating will serve to reduce your blood volume, resulting in your heart having to work much harder. By the time you feel thirsty you will already be dehydrated, so try to drink small, frequent quantities of water or a sports energy drink throughout your spin. It is also important to drink plenty before you start out on your cycle especially in the morning as you haven’t been taking in fluids during the night.

The replacements of salt is very important also, to do this I generally take two bottles with me on a spin one with an electrolyte/energy combination and one with plain old water! After your spins it also helps to keep taking on the fluids (I don’t think BulmersCounts!) to help the body recover. Most professional cyclists usually take a protein shake straight after a race or tough training session to help the body and muscles recover.

Bulmers is not the most suitable form of Hydration!