Road Cycling - Climbing

Post date: Jan 09, 2012 11:11:6 PM

With most of the groups now concentrating on hillier roads, this week’s tip is on how to ride them for efficiently to get the most from your spin. Select the proper gear for the hill. Find a gear that allows you to maintain your rhythm. If the grade changes, you may need to shift often to stay in the groove. Stay relaxed. If you tense up, it will make getting up the hill all the more difficult. Keep your arms loose. Don't hold the bars in a tight grip. Sit back on the seat and focus on your spin. Pedal smoothly. Try not to favuor one leg or the other.

Standing up in the pedals from time to time is good. It allows you to switch muscle groups and stretch out a bit. Concentrate on breathing out. Breathe all the way out and let your lungs fill back up on their own. Power over the crest of the hill. Many riders start to ease up before they get to the top. Keep the power turned on and you will have a smoother transition into the flat or downhill.

Ballindurrow (aka Piggery) Hill