Richie Lenihan Takes Fifth in MTB Season Finale

Post date: Oct 01, 2017 8:15:55 PM

(By Paul Crowley - Sun. 1st October 2017)

Last weekend saw the last Mountain Bike race of the season with the 2017 marathon Mountain Bike championships in Ballyhoura, Limerick. The event was 65km held on many of the trails open to the public in the Mountain Bike park. However, also used were lots of local sneaky natural trails and routes through the local wind farm, not usually open to the public. The course had three feed zones en route where competitors pre-dropped bottles and food.

As the lads were looking at a 4 hour affair, not much of a warm-up was needed! The race began with 4km uphill and then into some of the local natural trails. Due to the incessant rain all week and especially the day before, the course was pretty wet and slithery causing a few accidents, with some broken bodies and bikes.

Paul fell on one of the few clay descents but was able to continue. Further up the field Richie was on a charge. Too much of a charge in fact, and he missed a turn. He did take a very picturesque route to the mast with views over much of Cork and Limerick, but all he saw were his competitors taking a really nice section of single-track to the bottom of the hill!

He charged back into the race, eventually taking 5th in his category in under 4 hours. What might have been. Paul finished further back in 20th.

Paul Crowley and Richie in Ballyhoura ahead of the Mountain Bike season finale where Richie with fifth.