Pre-Cycle Checklist

Post date: Dec 22, 2011 2:31:53 PM

This week we’ll look at what we should do with our bikes before we set off. First thing we should do is to check our tyre pressure, it is very important to have our tyres pumped up to the correct pressure as an under-inflated tyre has more rolling resistance, is more prone to pinch flats, and may even come off the rim. You should check your tyre wall to see the recommended pressure for your tyres as they can vary with different manufacturers, but for this time of year 100psi is a about right. Checking both your front & back brakes for rubbing, on the wheel-rim or frame, is the next step. This stops damaging the rim or frame & also makes the spin more enjoyable as the wheel moves more freely. You should also check that your brakes are working correctly & adjust accordingly if they are not. Checking your chain is well lubricated is also worth checking. There are many different types of different lubricants available but for this time of year a wet lube is advisable to use.