What To Wear - Winter

Post date: Dec 05, 2011 10:9:4 PM

A skull cap under your helmet is handy, as we lose most of our body temperature through our head & of course some long fingered gloves. One of the best tips I have read about when it comes to dressing for winter cycling is “Always dress for the second mile!” i.e If you feel warm as you start out then you're probably overdressed.

This week’s tip is to do with what to wear for our winter training days. It’s always hard to decide what to wear this time of year with the weather being so changeable. Some of the key things to have in your cycling wardrobe are a decent long-sleeved base layer for cold weather; this helps to keep you warm and also keeps sweat away from the body. A pair of bib tights or leg warmers, to keep those all important legs warm.

Overshoes are great for keeping your feet nice & warm & also help to keep those €200 shoes clean! A good winter jacket is essential for this time of year as this helps to protect you from the elements, a jacket that is wind proof is ideal but this also depends on your budget.