Wheelers on the Podium in Ballinrobe

Post date: Aug 23, 2015 4:3:9 PM

(By Derek Sheeran)

The Ballinrobe GP was the destination of choice on Sunday August 9th with only two LSW riders making the journey west, David Nolan and Derek Sheeran.

With a short 61km A4 race in store on what turned out to be a rolling course with a deceptively strong wind, the tempo was high from the start with many local riders keen to stamp their authority on the race.

As soon as the lead car pulled away there was attack after attack and with both LSW riders in the top end of the bunch each rider had a few attempts at getting away in a break only to be dragged back by the ever advancing pack and also being pushed back by the strong head wind..!

With about 15km to go, David Nolan got into a 4 man break and with the wind now on their backs they seemed to be getting away but luck was not on their side as the race had to be neutralised for 2km due to a local man drawing silage!

Once racing resumed the pace went mental. The locals knew the route and they really started driving the race but both Derek and David were positioned comfortably and were able to react well so as to keep in a good position for the inevitable sprint finish.

The finish line was on a nice open stretch of road into Ballinrobe with a perfect surface. A few of the aforementioned local riders went early, with 2km to go, and as to be expected they couldn’t hold the pace. This meant the road opened up perfectly and with both David and Derek well positioned they were able to capitalize with David taking an excellent fifth and Derek finishing second.

David Nolan leading in Balinrobe