Club Awards December 2020

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Club Awards


In a normal year the three annual club awards would be announced at our Christmas social get together. This year we managed to present the awards during the course of the weekend club spins.
On Saturday morning Ulrika Maher was a very popular choice for the club person of the year award. Not only is Ulrika a long time active committee member but 2020 also saw her take on the responsibility of handling and clubs kit portfolio as well as officially becoming a group leader.
On Sunday morning while the A and B groups gathered for their spins, it was the perfect opportunity to present the two other awards. Michael Cafferkey was on hand to get the best newcomer trophy for 2020. When Michael will be known to many in the C group the consensus is that 2021 will see this Mayo flyer become more at home in the A groups.
The award for most improved rider, very fittingly, went to Paul Murtagh. Paul has really applied himself to his cycling in the last few years and 2020 saw him compete in the National Masters Championships. Closer to home Paul was involved with racing Midland League, Mondello and Starski race series. Congratulations to all three award recipients.

Lakeside Wheelers Cycle With Mayo Ultras

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Lakeside Wheelers Cycle With Mayo Ultras 

Members of Lakeside Wheelers waiting to meet up with the Mayo Ultras


Last Friday was the sixth and final day of an epic undertaking cycling through the 32 counties in just six days for a dedicated group of cyclists from Mayo who go by the name Mayo Ultra Cyclists. They completed 1900 kilometres in the six days thus averaging almost 320 Km per day all to raise money for four charities. 

Needless to say any help they got along the way was appreciated and so on Tuesday evening last as the group made their way out of Tullamore and into Kilbeggan they were met by a group of Wheelers who rode the last 20 Km of day with the Ultras. The evening itself was balmy and we had a nice chat bit of banter with Mayo men who were delighted to have some new faces in the group after their long day in the saddle. By long I mean these men were on the road by 06.00 - 06.30 am every day and we met them around 8.15 pm getting into Mullingar as it was getting dark.

The usual debriefing and social media pieces were done by the lads before the whole lot of us were very well looked after by the crew in O'Brien's Centra. Many thanks to John and Edel Farrell for organising and hosting the evening.


Get Erika to America 5000km Cycling Challenge Update.

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A note from Mark Monaghan

Thank you to each and every one who cycled, donated and helped out to make this event a massive success. A special mention to the committee and members of Lakeside Wheelers Cycling Club for all of their support and especially for their kind donations of kilometres and of course money. In total we raised €3470 (we had a late donation) and cycled over 7200km. Thanks to my special little girls Freya & Macey for helping to present the cheque to Darina Golden

I'm so lucky and blessed two amazing and healthy little girls and this is why I organised this cycle to help others who are not so lucky. Get well soon Erika, we are all thinking and praying for you.

Mark, Freya & Macey Monaghan presenting a cheque to Darina Golden organiser of the Get Erika to America campagin.

Lakeside Wheelers Launch New Club Kit

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This morning the Club had their first, post Covid-19 Restrictions, organised spin. (Sunday 5th July).It was also an opportunity to 'show' the new gear. Social distancing and C.I. protocols were adhered to for the photograph and for the spin. 

Cycling, like many other sports has been in limbo for the last few months as the Covid 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on all aspects of our society. Cyclists and indeed all other athletes, whether they are at the elite or leisure end of the spectrum are chomping at the bit to get their respective sports back on track. However, there is no doubt that they are all acutely aware of the devastation and heartache that the pandemic has brought to many families in Ireland and elsewhere.

In response to Cycling Ireland Covid 19 guidelines, Lakeside Wheelers cancelled all official club spins at the beginning of March. Since then the members have been busy trying to keep within the allowed training zones and using all sorts of paraphernalia to stay fit and occupied during the Lockdown. The new kid on the block in relation to indoor training and one which gained huge popularity over recent weeks is a phenomenon called Zwift. This training platform has allowed cyclists to continue cycling and even participate in virtual races with riders from all over the world.

While the sport itself may have been in hibernation the club committee has remained busy attending to the business of club management via zoom meetings. Unfortunately the big annual events such as the Tour of the Lakes sportive and the Mullingar GP race have fallen victim to the virus and have been cancelled for 2020. On a more positive note the new club kit has arrived and has been distributed to all members in recent weeks. This is a major milestone in the history of the club and will be just the fourth kit since the formation of Lakeside Wheelers in 1976 albeit back then, it was known as Mullingar Cycling Club.

The original club kit was based around a maroon jersey with a white band on it which was in use from the very early days in 1976. In 1985 the ESB came on board to support the club and so, the Cook Electric Racing Team was born. The maroon and white kit was replaced with an ESB emblazoned blue and green outfit and this remained in place until 1995 when Mullingar Cycling Club underwent a name change and became Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar.

Along with the new name came a new kit and this is the current gear which has become so familiar around the roads of Mullingar and beyond over the last number of years. The famous yellow, blue and red colour scheme which is actually enshrined in the club constitution has been extremely popular with members and fellow cyclists and is still the basis of the new 2020 outfit. While there are subtle changes to the shades of each of these colours the new jersey is more modern in design with the big change to the kit being the replacement of the blue shorts with a black version.

With the country having moved into another phase of easing of Lockdown regulations the regular Sunday spins have recommenced. However, the format is a little different and will be for some time but last Sunday was the perfect opportunity to launch the new kit and as the accompanying pictures show, the new style does look well and will be a nice change for the next few years. Safe and happy cycling to all members and remember, wash the hands, practice good cough and sneezing etiquette and most important of all, if you feel unwell, get checked out.    

By Shay O’Toole


Club Spins Resume

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Cycling Ireland have issued their roadmap - phase 3 which clears the way for all clubs to recommence their official club spins. This is the welcome news which we were hoping for. Club spins will start up again this weekend Saturday and Sunday July 4th & 5th. We will not be running the Wednesday evening spin this week but hope to be in a position to start these as soon as possible.

The barracks and clubhouse remain closed and we have been given no indication when they might reopen, therefore, for the time being the start point for all club cycles will be the carpark outside the Tri & Run premises next door to O'Brien's Centra on Lynn Road, Mullingar. As this is an active commercial area we would ask those who are travelling by car to use the parking spaces on the periphery, thanks.

We are asking everyone to take a careful read through the Cycling Ireland road map and associated documents which can be found here:-

In particular all members are obliged to go online and complete the Sports Ireland Covid 19 course which can be found here:-


Everyone is also asked to complete the self-assessment personal screening questionnaire within 24 hours prior to joining a group cycle. This self assessment action must be carried out prior to every cycle.



Contact tracing is an important tool in the effort to combat Covid. Therefore all cyclists in a single group will have their names recorded. Cycling Ireland has a booking system developed on their site which group leaders will be using to record the names in each of their individual groups. This will be normal practice from now on. Once the group names are entered and submitted no new cyclists are permitted to join that group for that spin. From a tracing viewpoint it's preferable that the same group members go out together week by week in as far as possible.

Groups will be avoiding using the same petrol station or garage as a tea stop point. All social distancing practices are to be observed before spins and during any tea stops along the way. This cannot be emphasised enough. Each member must take personal responsibility for their safety. Look forward to seeing you all back on the roads.

Lakeside Wheelers Committee

Get Erika to America 5000km Cycle

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Get Erika to America 5000km cycle.

June 27th & 28th 2020

With no tour of the Lakes, all sportives cancelled this year and group cycling slowly returning, why not join in on this charity event next weekend. Hopefully this will help kick off your training for when the restrictions are eased in the coming weeks and months.

So what’s the plan?  Put simply I am asking people to cycle any distance on the above dates and register your distance with me on or on our event page on Facebook ( ), to help us reach our goal of five thousand kilometres. Take a picture of your completed distance on your cycling computer or screen shot your Strava, Garmin or any other app you may use to track your spin. Why not get your family and friends involved too.  The more the merrier and the quicker we will reach our distance!

Any donation big or small is greatly welcomed and if possible we would be very grateful if you could rustle up some sponsorship from friends and family. I have set up a dedicated go fund me page. Please see the link below. All donations may be made anonymously. As a little extra incentive, I have also managed to secure a number of spot prizes for those who partake and donate to the event which will be raffled off.

Erika is a five year old girl from Mullingar who is suffering from a rare form of cancer and requires specialist treatment in America. By taking part and donating/fundraising for this event you will be helping a family from the local community to get the treatment she requires. You can find more information on their Facebook page about Erika and all the fantastic efforts that are going in to help ‘Get Erika to America’.

Please share this far and wide across all your social media platforms in order for us to spread the word and make this a successful event.

Many thanks to Lakeside Wheelers for all their support in organising and backing this event.


This is a non Cycling Ireland event so it’s open to everyone who can cycle a little or a long way. We would like to remind everyone to ride within the current regulations but most importantly ride, record your distance and donate on the link below.

We hope to see you on the roads over the 27th & 28th June.

Thank you.


Wheelers Continue to Roll in Many Talented Directions!

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You may recall Lakeside Wheelers won the best film for (Love Hate) at the St. Loman's Oskars night held in the Park Hotel last year. 

Our very own Brendan (Tosh) Kiernan has been nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role.  Tosh is currently ahead on the leaderboard so far! With 500 votes. Please help Tosh over the line by voting and donating to this worthy cause.

#ALLIrelandOsKaRs Mercy Hospital Foundation Cork 

Voting is open until 5pm on 24th April 2020

You can Vote and Donate until then.. All donations are going to purchase  Covid19 supplies for St. James Hospital foundation Dublin  and the Mercy hospital foundation Cork.

Lakeside Wheelers would like to send out well wishes to Robbie Kenny who sustained a few injuries in his place of work a few weeks ago.

Robbie has been a valuable member of our club for many years.

Robbie has raced and represented the club at all levels and is still a very active member.

We all know Rob is very involved in St. Loman's football club and did a brilliant job in leading the Wheelers to take best film at the Oskar’s night last year. 

However we believe that cycling is his first love!!

We would like to wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back on his bike soon. 
Oskars.jpg (410×273)

Cast of Love Hate Left to Right: 

Ski Morgan, Benji Norris, Brendan "Tosh" Kiernan, Emma Woulfe, Ulrika Maher, Carmel Lally, Geraldine Noonan, Liam Loughman, Robbie Kenny. 

COVID-19 Restrictions
The Club would like to remind members to continue to adhere to the exercise guidelines of 2km from your home during the Covid19 crisis. All official club spins and events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.  Fan sa bhaile.

Where Have All The Cyclists Gone?

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Report by Steven Franzoni OE Bikes.

With the recent restrictions set in place by the Covid 19 outbreak you might be asking yourself where all the lycra clad, colourful cycling groups have gone to. Are we all sat at home in our tight fitting apparel, cleaning our bikes and dreaming of better times?

Not at all, a few of us have headed into the virtual world of indoor training to get our fix of exercise. The two kilometre restrictions do allow for some outdoor activity but endless small laps could leave you dizzy, and cycling beyond forty five minutes is a little out of the spirit of the restrictions.

Roll on Zwift. Zwift is a sweaty virtual cycling game where you put your bike on a special machine called a turbo and cycle away in different worlds created by the Zwift programmers. 

There are different ways to engage with Zwift. Turbo’s comes in a variety of versions that allow different levels of interaction. At the top end of the price scale the turbo’s can create the feeling of uphills and downhills. This gives you the same sensation as being on the road for real. General turbos can be used with the addition of different sensors but don’t offer the same level of interaction.

Within the game you get flat roads, hills and a variety of different virtual guest destinations around the world to keep you entertained and engaged. Of course there is racing as well as options to join organised rides set out by Zwift and others during the day.

Zwift offers training plans for the serious among us and offers countless amounts of data for the tech heads to absorb and analyse.

The downside to Zwift is the obvious lack of fresh air and camaraderie. That’s where we’ve been adding some more technology in the form of chat groups. This keeps us all in contact and keeps the great social side of cycling alive and well. Add in a home fan to move some air and you’re away.

See Pictures for typical home Zwift set up.

So if you have been asking yourself where the cyclists have gone, they are staying at home sweating themselves silly, and counting down the days like everyone else where we can head outdoors. It’s going to be busy. Until then stay safe and indoors within the rules and remember like training it’s the long game that’s important not the short game. Staying home will save lives.

One of our members, Eugene Duffy, is organising virtual Zwift club spins on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Check in with Lakeside Wheelers Sportive FaceBook page and the Lakeside Wheelers website for more information on how you can join in.


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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all Lakeside Wheelers group spins and events including indoor training sessions are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice.

Please follow the link below for public health information in relation to Coronavirus...

Damien Shaw Decides to Hang Up His Racing Wheels

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After a lot of soul searching and having given great consideration to his future, local cyclist Damien Shaw has decided in recent weeks to call time on his professional cycling career.

The Mullingar rider is now 35 years of age and has come to the decision that racing at the top level is no longer feasible. Although he is still doing some cycling for fun, the former Irish National Champion has stated that he is not interested in “devoting the time needed to train to race if I cannot influence and win some of those races.”

Damien joined Lakeside Wheelers in 2009 and his rise through the ranks of amateur and professional cycling has been chronicled in these pages on numerous occasions. In his early days he gained a reputation as a powerful rider with excellent race craft which soon brought him to the attention of the elite coaches at Cycling Ireland. Following physiological testing Damien was drafted into the Paralympics’ squad as a pilot rider and competed in several world championship events as well as the London Paralympics in 2012 where he and his tandem partner won a silver medal.

Following his experience with the paracycling team the one-time Westmeath Co. Council fireman focused his attention on road racing for the 2013 season, leaving Lakeside Wheelers to join the top flight Aqua Blue racing team. It was with this outfit that Damien won the much coveted Kerry Group Ras Mumhan, a 4-day international stage race held every Easter in Kerry. This victory really put him in the shop window and so with another change to Team Asea in 2014, he pushed on and won all of Ireland’s main one day races including the famous Shay Elliott. With his palmares getting more impressive by the week, Damien added the Victus Tour of Ulster before the 2014 season ended.

Going into the off period and already planning for the 2015 season there were two main objectives for Shaw, to win a stage of the An Post Ras and the Irish National Cycling Championships which were to be staged in Omagh. He had competed in both of these events in previous years with varying degrees of success, including a fantastic 3rd place finish in the 2013 Nationals in Carlingford, Co. Louth.

In preparation for the 2015 Ras Shaw went to Tipperary to race the “Visit Nenagh” Classic, a race he won in 2014. However, the 2015 race proved to be a different story and resulted in a high speed crash in the finishing straight leaving Shaw with a nasty neck injury. With the An Post Ras, one of his season’s main goals only weeks away, and in a bid to regain some of the form lost through the injury sustained in Nenagh, the Team ASEA man went back across the border to compete in Northern Ireland’s main stage race, the Tour of Ulster, where yet again, he was the reigning champion. Unfortunately, disaster struck once more as he was hit from behind by a race vehicle leaving him with severe bruising to his shoulder.  

Notwithstanding these two incidents, Shaw and Team Asea, a team he helped to build, entered the An Post Ras and he suffered for the first five days in the wind and rain as the race made its way around the West coast of Ireland. Then, over the next three days his cycling career took an amazing turn as he claimed second in the 160km stage from Ballina to Ballinamore, second again in the 145km stage from Ballinamore to Drogheda and third on the final day which saw the riders race 135km from Drogheda to Skerries. The Ras had never before seen performances like this from a domestic based rider which were all the more telling, considering the Ras peloton at that time consisted mostly of professional cyclists. The prized stage win eluded him, but there is no doubt that he left his mark on this famous race.

It was still only May but the National Road Race Championships were just around the corner. With barely weeks to go to the biggest one day race of the year, Damien had very limited time to allow his injured shoulder and neck to recover. Following this period of rest he only managed a couple of training spins before heading north to Omagh. The start list contained most of Ireland’s top European based professionals including Team Sky rider Philip Deignan and the 2014 champion, Ryan Mullen (An Post Chainreaction). The chances of the former Lakeside Wheelers man getting a result against this level of competition appeared to be extremely slim.

However, after the usual wearing down process that this race is renowned for, Shaw found himself and five of his ASEA team mates well placed in the breakaway. As the race progressed, the shoulder pain was numbed by the sight of the pros suffering and with 5KM to go, he put in one huge effort to which nobody could respond and all of a sudden, the fairy-tale finish was on the cards. Rounding the last bend into the finishing straight in Omagh town centre, the crowds were six and seven deep cheering the Mullingar man to glory. An unbelievable result, but it was also one of Shaw’s main goals for the entire year, making it all the sweeter.

After the celebrations had concluded it was inevitable that the new National Champion would be in demand and it wasn’t long before the professional teams were calling. As 2015 drew to a close, Damien Shaw signed a contract with the Belgium based An Post Chainreaction Sean Kelly Team.

For the next three years he traversed Europe and beyond racing in the pro peloton with yet again, varying degrees of success. In 2016 he was selected to ride with the Irish team at the European Cycling Championships in Brittany, France. The outstanding result of his professional career was a stage win in the 2017 Tour du Loir et Cher and subsequently holding the Yellow jersey in that race for three days, going on to take 6th  place overall. There were also numerous appearances in races where he competed against World Tour riders such as the OVO Tour of Britain.  The lowest point was getting selected for the Irish team to ride the 2017 World Road Racing Championships in Norway, but due to injury he was forced to step down. In 2018 the An Post Chainreaction team folded but once again Shaw was in demand and was soon snapped up by the UK based Holdsworth Racing team. However, due to logistics and team schedules he did not compete with Holdsworth as much as he would have liked. In 2019 Damien raced domestically with the Strata 3 Velo Revolution team but it was during this period that thoughts of retirement set in.

Other notable performances were; National Criterium Championships 2nd place (2011, 2018), Cycling Ireland Best Domestic Rider (2015), An Post Ras Overall 5th (2016) 5th (2017), 4th (2018), OVO Tour of Britain (2016, 2017)

Damien, who was bestowed with Honorary membership of Lakeside Wheelers in 2016 is enjoying a bit more freedom after stepping away from the discipline of professional sport and is concentrating on a new career path. Reading the social media comments in response to his announcement this week, one is left in no doubt that he was extremely well regarded by competitors, race officials and media personnel alike. And so, everybody at Lakeside Wheelers would like to take this opportunity to join these well-wishers from the greater Irish cycling community and send best wishes and thanks, to a great sportsman who put Mullingar on the international cycling map. It will be a long time before we see his likes again.

Damian Shaw National Champion winner 2015 on the winners rostrum with Eddie Dunbar NFTO (2nd) and Conor Dunne An Post Chainreaction (3rd)

Damian Shaw competing in the Kermesse race in Belgium in his National Champions Kit

Damian Shaw on the front of the peloton in the 2016 Etoile de Besseges race

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