The names and contact details of the 2017/2018 committee are as follows:-

Position Name Contact Details
Chairman Henry Whitston
Secretary (Correspondence) Eleanor Digby
Secretary (Membership)     Ed Tyrrell
Treasurer Paul Gibney
PRO Shay O'Toole
Events Officer Jerry Waugh  
Committee Member Camillus Farrell  
Committee Member Ulrika Maher  
Committee Co-ordinators
President Donie Kelleher  
Safeguarding OfficerCathy O'Toole
Safety Officer T.B.A 
Youths Camillus Farrell  
Off Road / CyclocrossRoy Carey, Steven Franzoni, Darragh Caffrey

Equipment Joe Duffy (Kit),
Joe Kenny (Clubhouse)

Leisure    Ulrika Maher  
Racing Stuart Cox, 
Steven Franzoni

Ulrika Maher
Club Cycle Group Leaders
Group AMark Monaghan,
Mark Horohoe,
David Lally,
Moss Keane

Group B Bob O’Ceallaigh,
Karl Moran,
Carmel Buckley,
Louise McCarra
Eugene Duffy

Group C Joe Duffy  
Group D Gerry Wallace / Ollie Bright