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Breda Brady

posted 17 Apr 2021, 06:45 by Site Admin   [ updated 17 Apr 2021, 06:51 ]


When I first joined the Lakeside Wheelers Cycling Club beginners group, we were trained up by the infamous Gerry Wallace. Gerry & Tom Carolan helped us progress onto the D group. This is where I met some great people & now good friends. In 2020 the C group was reformed  and so I progressed into the C's, with our lovely leaders Pat Liddy & Ulrika Maher. The C group is a great mixture of lads & girls, we also get great support from As & B's who sometimes join us on our Saturday morning spins, we always have a great laugh & if I have the odd off-day there's always someone to lend a hand ....to push me up that last bit of the hill,  if needs be. My father Phil Brady still cycles most days at 84 yrs of age, so here's to another few years in the saddle for me hopefully.

I hadn’t  cycled since I was in my late teens. It's one of the best things I’ve ever done, I love cycling and have made some great friends. Like everyone else I’m sure, I really miss our group spins. With the weather being poor during the last few months, I decided to take up some turbo work, and wanted to challenge myself to get more ‘bike fit’. I tend to be the type of person who works harder when I am pushed and supported by others, so I’m loving Cycling Ireland’s new #bikelikeme program, which began late last year during lockdown.

The program caters for beginners and intermediate levels. I joined the intermediate class which is currently on every Wednesday evening and the class tutor is Eve McCrystal, she’s brilliant, very down to earth and tells it how it is. She’s very supportive. The classes are online on zoom, and once you are registered with Cycling Ireland there is no charge and they send out each week's session beforehand by email. They are now into the second program which is designed by Jamie and incorporates Strength & Conditioning training (optional). The classes are recorded every week so if you don’t want to follow it on paper during the week you can just do it with a replay.

I have a regular turbo, it's grand, does the job. For me personally I feel a lot stronger now from joining the classes, and getting in a few sessions during the week on top of that, the current #bikelikeme program is designed for ladies who want to race, I will never race but that didn’t put me off as I feel I can still benefit from it.  The sessions are on for average 60 mins, they are very varied, Eve explains all the way through on how to manage your gears etc and how to manage hills, long spins, and she’ll talk about clothing, nutrition etc

Ladies if you are thinking of joining it's well worth it, there are women of all fitness levels online together, because it's zoom you can choose to turn your video off, no one cares about what speed anyone is at, it’s a great workout and there’s no pressure to feel you need to keep up with anyone else etc. If you want to check it out just go onto cycling Ireland website or follow them online. #bikelikeme. Looking forward to seeing everyone again on our Saturday spins in a few weeks, take care & stay safe y’all, Breda...

A work with Liam Loughman

posted 13 Jul 2020, 05:15 by Site Admin

A word with Liam Loughman.


When did you first get into Cycling?


I bought a bike through the “Bike to Work” scheme about 8 years ago. I was never really up on a bike until then and I decided that having played football all my life, it would be a great way of keeping fit. I remember the very first Sunday morning, cycling into town in my shiny new bike to buy the newspapers. At Nugent’s corner, on the way back out to Gaybrook, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a large plate glass window and to me it was like a scene from “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. There was I thinking I’d see a finely-toned muscular athlete but indeed the opposite was the case, “an overweight bull heifer” was all I could think of. It was then I decided to join the Wheelers or as one of my Offaly friends used to say “Da Whalers”.  


What is the best thing about being out on your bike?


I love the camaraderie and the craic and the customary pitstop in Moate, Kilbeggan or wherever for, as Kevin Nolan would say “coffee and an oul’ scon”. Cycling in a group on a sunny Saturday morning with fantastic group of people along a quiet country road………….I don’t think you can put a price on it.


What is your training plan like at the moment?


I’m blessed really in that I live near enough to the Royal Canal. I have never been as “bike-fit” presently as I head out on the bike along the canal each morning for approx. 2 hours towards Kinnegad. It’s “Heaven on Earth”, what with the lovely weather we are having and knowing I have all the time in the world. I am also conscious of the 2km. limitation and wouldn’t dare dream to go beyond it and let the side down.


What have been your best and worst moments on the bike?


The “Ring of Kerry” 2019 was my best moment on the bike as we had a fantastic group from the club there and the weather that day was also fantastic. My maiden voyage with the Wheelers was my worst moment, as it was my longest cycle on a bike up until then. As we cycled into Daingean, I got a woeful pain in my ar-e that I had never experienced before or thankfully, since…..I thought I had been shot. I had visions of a helicopter arriving to transport me to Beaumont Hospital to remove the saddle from my posterior, such was the pain. I owe Frank Morgan big time for nursing me back to Mullingar and convincing me to give it another shot.


What is your advice to someone just starting out in cycling?


Join the Wheelers ASAP and cycle with the D group, it will be the best decision you ever made in your life.


What's your favourite food to bring out on the bike?


I don’t really bring food with me, especially after Gerry Wallace horsed a load of energy gels into me on one of the Ring of Kerry SPORTIVE’S a few years ago. Montezuma’s Revenge came into play at around 120 km and how I made it to the finishing line, I’ll never know, but I lived to tell the tale.


When did you know you were a cyclist?


I suppose when you eventually get used to the saddle when you start cycling initially, then you can really consider yourself a cyclist.


What are your top tips for bike maintenance?


Keep the chain oiled and the bike clean and have a spare tube ……….that’s it really. Pump your tyres before every spin.


If you were famous who would you be and why?


That’s a hard one, but I suppose I’d like to be the next President of the United States so that in my maiden speech I’d apologize to the world at large for having inflicted Donald Trump on the world.


Anything else you would like to add!


Not really, just looking forward to getting back to normal Saturday morning spins and seeing everyone and the fun and the social events that are always great craic whenever the D group get together.



A word with Ski Morgan

posted 13 Jul 2020, 05:01 by Site Admin

Club Member Profile of the week:-


Ski Morgan pictured with his daughter Kaydi after been away for 10 days when Cycle Against Suicide rolls into Mullingar 2015

A word with Ski Morgan…


When did you first get into cycling?

It was a cycle called  (Into the West  Cycle Challenge) 2014 in aid of breast cancer. It was my first long-distance cycle.  In 2014 it was the 20th anniversary of the cycle and to date the event has raised over one million euro for NBCRI!


The cycle sees participants cycle from Mullingar to Galway and back, a 300 km round trip over two days, in aid of the National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI).

I did it with a group of fantastic people Frank Finneran, Frank Morgan and Stephen Gibney and just loved it ever since.


What’s the best thing about being out on your bike?

The camaraderie in a group on a single cycle is great just to get away..


What is your training plan like, are you training for an event at the moment?

Well we were trying to train for the Cycle against Suicide 2020 but unfortunately due to the lockdown there's not much we can do right now. I'm trying to watch what I eat and tend to do a lot of walking.


What has been your best and worst experience on the bike?

The best experience on my bike was the cycle Into the West for breast cancer 2014. I didn't think I was able to do it. It was a massive achievement to arrive back into Mullingar.


My worst cycling experience was on the Cycle against Suicide when we cycled from Cork to Mizen head. It started lashing rain and about in 15 minutes it turned to hailstones and eventually turned into a mini blizzard the whole way out the Mizen head. I've never been so cold and I've never been so far away, it was definitely one of the worst times ever on a bike..


What is your advice to someone just starting out cycling?

My advice to someone starting out in cycling is start slow and build up, don't think just because you bought a bike you're going to cycle 100k. My other advice is go and buy the proper gear from the proper stores.  Cheap means pain in the ass literally..


What's your favourite food to bring out on the bike?..

Sweets. Jelly babies, smarties all the high sugary things the great Gerry Duffy once told me when you're on a bike and need to eat something all rules go out the window, you can have a cheat day on a bike as you are burning so many calories it's when you get off the bike you have to be good!!


What are your top tips for bike maintenance?

Keep it clean, keep it oiled and  get it serviced once a year. Try and do your first two services by a professional as this takes all the guesswork out of it. Steve Franzoni (OE) is top class and set me up on three Cycles against Suicide tours and all the other cycle’s I've done. He had the bike singing for me every time I dropped it into him.


When did you know you were a cyclist?

When I didn't get off the bike during the rainy sleet and snow in Cork... and cycling across the  Glenties mountains in Donegal covered in snow, then I knew I was one of them...


If you were famous who would you be? Why?...

I would be me because I think we're all famous in our own way.. but I would love to be an actor because I think I'm a bit of a messer anyway. 


Anything else you would like to add?




A Word with Billy Cunnane

posted 8 Jul 2020, 06:49 by Site Admin   [ updated 8 Jul 2020, 09:25 ]


When did you first get into Cycling?

Like most people I was on a bike at an early age. I started cycling competitively as a schoolboy in the Inter Firms TT in 1987. I was joined that day by Moss Keane and we bagged a prize for best newcomers. I then decided to join the Mullingar Cook Electric Cycling Club and raced under 16 and junior. I have fond memories of these times. The numbers in the 90's had dwindled off so I decided to take a well-deserved Career break. I decided to get back again and joined Lakeside wheelers in 2011 after a 21 year absence. It was an easy decision for me as I knew a lot of members of the club.


What is the best thing about being out on your bike?

Apart from keeping fit it’s a great social outlet. It’s a non-contact sport so its easy on the body. I’ve tried running over the years but I have to say I enjoy  the bike better.


What is your training plan like at the moment?

My training plan like everyone is up in the air at the moment. I am getting out a bit on the bike within the 2km radius of my home. I am using the turbo trainer now and again to keep up the fitness levels. No plans for any event at the moment. Will have to wait and see what happens in the present climate.


What has been your best and worst moments on the bike?


Best:Winning my first open Race in 2012 as an A4 rider in the Traders Cup in Dundalk.

Worst: In 2013 I crashed out of the Emyvale GP and was gutted that my bike was more damaged than I was.


What is your advice to someone just starting out in cycling?

Get out on your bike as much as you can on your own at the start. Build up your mileage and this will help your bike handling skills. When you feel confident and stronger you should contact the club as there is a great beginners group which is leader led and is great craic.

When did you know you were a cyclist?

When I took part in 2011 in the spring spin. It was in aid of the North Westmeath Hospice. It consisted of a cycle to Sligo and back and a total round trip of 240kms. I was chuffed with my achievement.


If you were famous who would you be and why?

I would like to be Aerton Senna. I followed him in my youth. He is regarded as one of the greatest Formula drivers of all time.


A Word With Brendan 'Tosh" Kiernan

posted 26 Jun 2020, 11:12 by Site Admin   [ updated 8 Jul 2020, 09:34 ]

When did you first get into cycling?

I cycled a little Raleigh Chopper to primary school everyday and when that got too small I got a Raleigh Boxer. I was always on my bike when I was a kid. Then as I got older my life consisted of playing football for Milltown, working abroad for a while, pubbing and clubbing, getting married and having two kids.

At the age of 42 a mate at work suggested we buy a couple of bikes on the Bike to Work scheme and do the Sligo Spin to raise money for the Westmeath Hospice. We trained like devils and completed the spin to Sligo and back. I absolutely loved it and loved being back on the bike again. From then I was hooked and joined the Lakeside Wheelers.

What’s the best thing about being out on your bike?

Well it certainly beats cutting the grass and painting, my wife can vouch for that. It’s great for fitness and burning calories. I’ve made a lot of great friends on the group spins and enjoy the slagging and banter with everyone and it is also great for your mental health.

What is your training plan like, are you training for an event at the moment?

I never really work to a plan. I just get out and cycle my bike whenever I can. You can’t beat the Wheelers spin on a Sunday morning for bike fitness. It doesn’t matter how successful you are as a racer, you will always be judged on what you can bring to the table on a Sunday morning with the boys.

The goal for this year is the All Ireland Veterans Championships in September. A race I managed to finish 5th in last year. It would be fantastic to finish on the podium this year. I am also hoping we can put a strong team together and enter the team event too.

What has been you best and worst experience on the bike?

My best experience was winning the Mullingar G.P. in 2013 and to be the first Lakeside Wheeler to do so.
My worst experience was at the All Ireland Veterans Championship which we hosted in Multyfarnham in 2014. A 120 km race on a very hilly course. I was just 2km into the race when someone’s wheel touched mine from behind and broke a few spokes in my back wheel. I couldn’t believe it because I was after training so hard all year for this. But I didn’t give up I basically rode the bike with a buckled wheel out of pure thickness until I ran out of fuel. I was absolutely shattered. But that is bike racing you have good days and bad days and there is plenty of both.

What is your advice to someone just starting out in cycling?

Get properly fitted for your bike. Make sure you have a comfortable saddle and it is also important to learn how to fix a puncture. When you go out for a spin there are four things you should always bring, a drink, a snack, your phone and a rain mac as our weather is so unpredictable.

What’s your favourite food to bring out on the bike?

I’m very easy on diesel when on the bike! I been known to enjoy the odd Turkish Delight and slice of whiskey cake and you can’t beat the banana for instant energy.

What are your top tips for bike maintenance?

I absolutely know nothing about bike maintenance I just ride her until she falls asunder! Baby wipes are handy for wiping your hands when she breaks down and always use a bike rack on the car because sometimes when you put it in the boot it’s not always there when you arrive, speaking from experience.

When did you know you were a cyclist?

When I eventually make it home in front of Mick Reynolds on the Sunday morning spin!

And also when I won the Mullingar Criterium Race in 2012. Two monumental tasks in cycling.

If you were famous who would you be? Why?

I would be Lars Ulrich, drummer in Metallica or Robin Williams the actor.

Apart from cycling, drumming and acting are the other past-times that I love. I’ve been involved in a few plays and Oscar Nights over the last few years during the winter months when the cycling season is quieter.

Thank you for reading, stay safe, be kind to each other and don’t worry too much.

And as my late father would say “ If you don’t have something nice to say you’re better off say nothing at all”

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