Winter Training

2017 Winter Training Plan

This training plan takes us up to Christmas and from then we can add sessions and indeed more focused sessions to the club plan. A group of members have put this together with the aim and goal of having the club plan finishing for the clubs now annual spin, the Lakeside Wheelers version of the Tour Of Flanders which is on the 2nd April 2017. This could be a goal for all members of the club to aim towards this weekend.

This plan is for everyone and we hope to utilise the club's facilities and equipment this year. The attached plan (see bottom of this page) can be tweaked to suit your needs and capabilities so please don't hesitate to ask any club member how you can make it work for you. 2017 starts now!




Strength and Conditioning or cross train (swim, jog, etc) try to get at least 1 Strength and Conditioning session per week - Rochfordbridge GAA centre Mon/Wed nights (contact Ken Berry), Tom Carr Tuesday/Thursday nights 7pm army barracks at rear of club house or any other options. There are a lot of gyms around town doing structured classes that may suit your needs.


6:30pm Club spin on the Old Rail Trail Greenway, meeting at Council Council Car Park - Lights are Essential.

or a Jog/Run for those who are constrained by time or also weather dependent if conditions are too poor to cycle


Turbo in Clubhouse 6:30pm and 7:45pm (two slots, 1hr each) Contact Mossy Keane/Mick Reynolds/Dave Casserly/Robbie Kenny


Rest. Another option here is a social spin down the the Royal Canal Greenway from Millie's shop, contact Eoghan Kevlehan/Daragh Caffrey and members through Facebook or Whatsapp for details.


Spin at 7am Cyclocross training - contact Roy Carey/Steve Franzoni and members through Facebook and Whatsapp for further details.


Club Spin 9am Club house, structured spin with group leaders.