Sprocket Rocket 2014

After 8 weeks of cycling mayhem this summer, Sprocket Rocket 2014 concluded on Monday 28th July in the former Army Barracks. At the end of the session the Rockets received their certificates and the evening finished with a party in the gym where the children and adults! enjoyed yummy pizza, lashings of chocolate and vanilla flavoured milk and treats.

It was encouraging to see so many Rockets return again this year in such numbers. The Rockets enjoyed learning new bike handling skills in the safety and confines of the barracks. They were also treated to some off-road cycling on the forest trails at Tudenham, which they really enjoyed.

Thank you to any parent who helped in any way during the 8 weeks, your help was invaluable.

Thank you to the dedicated leaders of the groups and to the helpers that were called upon on various nights.

A special word of thanks must go to the following:-

O’Brien’s Centra (Edel O’Brien / Ciaran O’Brien) for donating the goody bags and milk

Revolution Signs (Michael Hynes) for designing and donating the yellow SR sign

Outdoor Escape (Steve Franzoni spot-prizes)

Days Bazaar Book Store (Adrian Murphy spot-prizes)

An Post National Race Team (spot-prizes)

Roy Carey (certificates)

Clem Bartley (limbas/wooden planks)

The Sprocket Rocket course returns again in June 2015. Keep an eye out in the local paper for when registration is happening.

More pictures from the summer Sprocket Rocket Series available here