Time To Build - Group A Notes

Post date: Feb 13, 2020 6:29:10 PM

By Mark Monaghan (Sun. 2nd February 2020)

Sunday last February 2nd was the start of the new phase in our winter training plan, the build training phase. As we all know when building something the foundation is the key to a successful plan and with the foundation well and thoroughly laid, the second part of our winter training regime began in earnest. The “Build Training Phase” is where we GRADUALLY increase the intensity of the spin, however the spins remain endurance focused. We also include structured skills drills to work on riding in group formations. We initially complete these drills at lower effort/speed as it’s important to learn the skills safely and then increase the pace as the weeks progress. These drills are very important as they improve our ability to conserve energy during events plus improve our safety in group situations.

For the second week running we had another big turnout at the club house, with no fewer than three A Groups, two B Groups and not forgetting the regular stalwarts group totalling in an estimated seventy plus riders taking to the roads of Westmeath and beyond. Once again our Google Maps man had our route mapped and ready to in advance, which is a huge help….. as long as you download it to your device that is! Where possible we ask members to do this to help with the navigation on the spins.

Setting off in our groups we made our way to Dalystown to being the first of our pace line training, followed by two ore between Tyrrellspass and Horseleap. From there we took a few roads less travelled to Clara, where a new hill (to some of us) had to be conquered before making our way to Tullamore for some refreshments. The homeward leg again brought us home along a few more roads less travelled via Durrow, Kilbeggan, Tyrrellspass, Lilliput and into Dysart where we finally got the feel of a full on tailwind and even managed to have a quick gallop for home! Well done to all for another enjoyable spin and keep up the good work!

Footnote: as mentioned above, where possible could members please familiarise yourself and download the route map to their device when the route is posted.