Sunday 10th Oct 2020 B Group

Post date: Oct 11, 2020 6:16:47 PM

B Group Members


(Not sure why the group is called that? Some say it’s the average age of the riders, others say it is because they are regularly seen flying along the N52, but I think it’s because they’re all bombers!). The group of 9 met at O’Brien’s suitably distanced and masked. The usual chat soon turned to the escalating Covid numbers and the morning fog which were both casting a cloud over the morning sun. The Route was to head to Kinnegad via Killucan and return through Tyrrellspass and home.

Padraig Moore, the squadron leader, headed up the charge into the fog with wingman Criostoir Sleator. It wasn’t long before the back seat navigators were warning of road closures and the appropriate diversions were taken up over the hill of down and into Killucan . At this stage the sun had cleared the fog and things heated up along with the pace. True to B52 tradition we were taking the hills faster than the flats averaging 29kmph all the way to Kinnegad where the group took a socially distanced “biological” break . At this point the squadron leader departed from the group along with chief navigator Brannock. The remaining magnificent 7 were left to brave the headwinds back to Tyrrellspass. The group worked well and held a steady pace into the wind and over Gneevebawn.

The pace picked back up on the N52 and it wasn’t long before Criostoir raised concerns that we might be breaking club rules and setting an unfortunate precedent for finishing a Sunday club spin early. In fear of this the group diverted at Dalystown to take in a loop of the lake before returning via Dysart. By the end we had completed 78km at a respectable 28kmph average and avoided any established notion that a club spin could finish before 12pm.