Saturday Group Reports - From the Castletown Movie Set

Post date: Nov 02, 2015 9:56:47 PM

In Moate we pulled into Tuar Ard for our refreshment stop which was enjoyed by all. Next it was back to the Greeenway and the film set where we joined up with the "Easy Riders". Being professionals it only took us two takes and then we were on our way. All made it back safe to the barracks and who knows what could happen out there next week. Don't miss out!

D Group

On arrival to the barracks we were informed that a day on the film set was the order of the day. was making a film at Castletowngeoghan Train Station. Looking for our big break we set off to Moate. Not to be hindered by a fallen tree, a lone calf or worst of all, where some cattle had been on the Greenway, all bikes and clothes will need a good wash today as it was impossible to avoid all the "farmyard manure".

Well done to one and all. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week and don't forget to let Ulrika know if you are travelling to Tyrrellspass on 21st November.

During the week Eddie "the eagle" Tyrrell requested the assistance of the D & E groups. It would seem that Eddie, ever the Wheeler Dealer, had organised a photo shoot for T.V. With his Directors chair and clapper board he soon had the day’s castings sorted. As soon as the groups heard of "lights, camera, action" it didn't take long for volunteers. The E group headed out of the Barracks and onto the cycleway heading for Moate. The morning offered ideal conditions for cycling with everyone in the group cruising along nicely.

After an initial mix up with the Director - Eddie over shooting times, we progressed to Moate Golf Club where the welcome mat is now permanently out for all cyclists. In the lovely surroundings of the Club house we were supplied with coffee/tea and scones. Word soon filtered through that the D & E groups were needed back at Castletown station for filming. After getting the curlers straight and the lippy in order the E group headed for stardom, hotly followed by a large D group. On arrival at Castletown it was "lights, camera and action". After our five minutes of fame we re-grouped and headed back together to the Barracks.