Puncture Gremlins out in Force

Post date: Jan 15, 2018 11:3:51 PM

(By Bob O’Ceallaigh - Sun. 14th January 2018)

Thankfully there was some respite from the very unfavourable weather of recent weeks and as is always the case after a long layoff the clubhouse was a hive of activity on Sunday.

Sixteen brave souls left the clubhouse on Sunday morning to venture out into a cold and foggy morning. Some were on their bikes for their first real spin of the year. The cobwebs were quickly scattered as the group “spinned” down the Greenway to Moate as the fog was brushed aside by some welcome sunshine.

Thankfully home was nearby and we all got back into the comfort and warmth of home without any more adventures.

A tea stop in Tullamore was planned, however the arrival was delayed by the intervention of the puncture gremlins. Just shy of Clara one of our number was stopped, a couple of attempts to rectify the situation later the group was about to recommence on its way towards the welcome coffee fumes when it was delayed by another puncture. Thankfully this was cleared up quickly and the arrival of the last of the group in Tullamore was not delayed further. Hot tea, coffee and buns made up for the cold outside as the chat increased in intensity.

No sooner that we were comfortable than we were off again towards Tyrrellspass via Rahugh. This time we had the wind on our backs and the speed rose perceptively. Quickly through Tyrrellspass we sped on home. Most got home without any further hitches but once more another cyclist was infected by the stubborn puncture gremlins.