Group D Notes

Post date: Feb 14, 2020 10:43:21 AM

D Group Saturday (1st February 2020)

The D group set out from the Barracks last Saturday morning, accompanied by a strong westerly gale force wind. Eighteen hardy souls made their way out along the Old Rail Track to Castletown and down the lake road to Tyrrellspass Castle, chattering away to their heart's content.

Not one bit deterred by the inclement weather, the 18 or so hardy bucks discussed everything from Brexit to b** sizes. It has to be said, that is one great trait among the group, there’s at least one expert present for almost any topic imaginable.

The stop for coffee and scones was much appreciated and, as one of the girls (a Meath woman) stated, “ya can’t bate yer owl Tyrrellspass scon”.

On the way back via Dalystown, someone shouted “car down” and we all singled out and lo and behold, it wasn’t a car at all but Ulrika Mahar going like the clappers with something stuck in her wheel. Always the gentleman, Liam Loughman offered to fix the problem and Ulrika accepted gracefully.

On towards the Barracks with the wind at our back, we all agreed that it was a lovely spin in great company and all present wished each other a wonderful weekend.