Group A Continue Their Racing Preparation Apace

Post date: Feb 29, 2016 4:10:14 AM

Last Sunday, the crisp but beautifully dry and calm conditions saw a huge turnout at the clubhouse for the weekly spin. In particular, the A Group which so often in the past would have to poach riders to make up a group was at least twenty strong leading to a split into two good teams. With our neighbouring club Clonard CC hosting their annual race next week the plan for the spin was to get in some decent race pace efforts.

The instructions were for both groups to warm up out as far as Mary Lynch’s pub then increase the pace to Kinnegad. From here the groups went at 75% to the top of Gneevebawn Hill rolling through and keeping a good high tempo. In Tyrellspass both groups joined up and rode to Kilbeggan where once again the pace lit up to a full on race simulation as far as Moate. After the coffee and bars there was a free for all back home via Horseleap and Dysart.

All in all this was a very well organised spin with everyone getting a good workout. Special mention must go to the three youths who acquitted themselves very well, so “chapeau” to Conor Farrell, Aaron Wade and Seanie Kennedy. Thanks also to Conor’s dad Camillus for providing back-up.

The large A Group at the half-way stage on Sunday's spin