Double As Power into the Morning Breeze

Post date: May 22, 2017 11:4:45 PM

With a few substitutes between the group's and the now tailwind for company we made our way home via Kilbeggan and Tyrellspass where we were greeted by the puncture fairy and the rain. All home a little soggy but with 110km in the legs.

From there it was over to Croghan Hill and then on to another berg that was unknown to many in the group! From there the group headed for Daingean and with the wind whipping up everybody worked tirelessly to share the workload. The kilometres ticked by and before long we were on the road to Tullamore via the lumpy pave-esque road to Killeigh. Tea, Coffee and all kinds of pastries were consumed in abundance to re-charge the double A batteries in our favourite watering hole in Tullamore!

(By Mark Monaghan - Sun. 21st May 2017)

According to the weather gurus in Met Eireann, it was looking like the best direction for Sunday’s spin was to head in a southerly direction. With two "A” groups leaving within a few minutes of each other we set off for Rochfortbridge with a strong headwind for company and on to Tyrellspass via Gneevebawn.