Damsel in Distress!

Post date: Mar 13, 2020 11:16:14 AM

D Group Spin Saturday 29/02/2020

4 hardy souls ventured out for a spin on Saturday. The safest route was down the Greenway. With a strong wind in our face, we knew we would have the comfort of a tail wind on the way home.

Just before Castletown, two of our regular members with an extensive background in farming noticed a "damsel in distress". Actually it was a ewe on her back. With lightning precision they dismounted and before long had the animal back on her feet and back with her flock. The names of the cyclist's will remain a closely guarded secret.

Claffey's in Castletown was a welcome stop for a well deserved coffee.

Once the hands and feet were thawed the group proceeded back to town with a nice tail wind.

Hopefully, weather permitting we will have more of our regular group out next Saturday..