D Group spin Saturday 31st July 2021

Post date: Aug 01, 2021 7:0:1 PM

" Missing in Action" - all to be revealed?

Saturday marked the first outing for our graduates from our recent "introduction to cycling" course. We would like to welcome Ruth & Stephen Mc Loughlin, Julie Keena, Mary Gillen, Yvonne Hayden and Roger Maxwell to the D group. Over a number of weeks this group slowly increased their fitness and distance. Today they were hoping to increase their distance to 60km and by all accounts they were well able to cover the route at ease.

With a large turn out, Tom agreed to take the second group on the road. Gerry was tasked with the first group. The route was for some their first cycle on this testing circuit. Everyone headed out towards Grange and proceeded onto Rathconrath. With the hilly road it was noticed there was very little talk for the first 20km. Luckily the groups had Skeagh Hill on their backs and a quick decent left a short hop to Moyvore and onto Forgney. The first group headed onto the Abbeyshrule road to the pre-arranged coffee stop at the Rustic Inn. For some strange reason, Tom's gyroscope malfunctioned and he proceeded to Centre Parcs. By the time we realised Tom was well and truly lost some members were suggesting we might have to call out "search and rescue". Modern technology is brilliant and Tom, using his mobile phone, was able to put everyone's mind at rest. He was taking a scenic route along the canal. The first group were more than pleased when Tom appeared in the village.

The coffee stop at the Rustic Inn was excellent. A very pleasant lady had the fresh scones ready and single handedly was able to serve in excess of 24 cyclists in double quick time. If you are passing by Abbeyshrule be sure to look them up. They have a lovely outdoor marquee. Once the refreshments were complete the first group headed for Ballynacargy on the road. Tom's group took the scenic route by the canal.

The first group detoured onto the Canal in Ballynacargy. The puncture gremlin struck but Nuala had 6 "able bodied" men queuing to assist.

It was unfortunate that as we were approaching home a downpour left everyone soaked.

A very credible 65km on the clock.

Well done everyone and in particular the 6 new members. I hope today's spin has not turned you off joining us on a regular basis for Saturday spins.

See everyone next week. Notes by Gerry Wallace.

D Group at the Rustic Inn coffee stop in Abbeyshrule

A recent cycling course organised by the Club, offered to introduce adults to take up cycling was completed over a period of weeks. The group progressed from a 15km leisurely spin to completing 60km.

It is therefore intended to offer another course beginning on the 15th August.

Further details will be posted next week and contact details will be available on the Lakeside Wheelers website.