D Group Report

Post date: Mar 01, 2020 1:35:6 PM

D Group spin Saturday 22-02-2020

The Brave Six...

"Saturday proved to be a very windy day and only six hardy boys and girls braved the conditions. The initial plan was to cycle to Moate by road vie Streamstown and Rosemount. But as the conditions seemed to be dis-improving we felt it would be safer to go to Moate via the greenway. The greenway was very busy with lots of people getting ready to do the Park run for operation transformation. So we weren't the only one’s braving the windy conditions. We went at a steady pace to Moate but faced a very strong headwind. By the time we reached Moate we were really looking forward to the coffee and scones, we'd worked hard for them. The return spin proved to be somewhat easier as we had a tail wind for most of the way. By the time we'd reached the barracks we were all happy to be home. Well done to all those who went out in such tough conditions and especially to those who are fairly new to cycling it was a tough day.

Photo left to right: Pat Liddy, Ger Hannon, Jim Murray, Pat Morrissey, Tom Sweeney and Mary Morrissey.