"D" Group Gets the Late Autumn Sun

Post date: Oct 26, 2015 3:59:53 PM

(By Kevin Nolan - Sat. 24th October 2015)

Looking out on Saturday morning it looked like full wet gear was the order of the day but thankfully by the time we left the barracks things had improved.

Leaving town we headed to Horseleap and onto Kilbeggan. Coffee/Tea stop was held in the Castle in Tyrrellspass where there was plenty of banter (and coffee).

After the break it was onto everyone's favourite - Gneevebawn hill which was duly scaled by all. Once over the top it was downhill to Rochfortbridge from where we headed for Dalystown, turning left at Belvedere then to Ladestown and Walshestown.

With everyone home safe and delighted with the autumn sun, an enjoyable spin was had by all. A certain amount of heckling was heard at one stage and will not be tolerated, these will be dealt with at a later date!

Looking forward to seeing all again next week for another spin into a very colourful countryside at this time of year.

New Members

If you are interested in trying cycling or indeed joining Ireland's biggest and best cycling club then just turn up any Saturday morning at the Columb Barracks Mullingar before 9am. We usually have two groups leaving for a spin ranging from 35km to 60km at a relatively leisurely pace and there will always be a stop for coffee, snacks and a chat.

Saturday Group outside The Castle following the mandatory tea stop.