B Group Out in Force Despite Damp Conditions

Post date: Feb 18, 2018 11:27:25 PM

(By Bob O'Ceallaigh - Sunday 18th February 2018)

A wet and drizzly morning greeted the thirty or so Wheelers who braved the elements for the Sunday spin last weekend. Two groups of A’s departed before the thirteen B’s who, despite the falling mist left the clubhouse in good spirits. The large turnout on such a miserable morning was, according to the club experts in this field, down to the determination, or desperation, of some to get out after a long period of inclement weather.

A reasonably short route promised a quick pace and a chance to get warm. The pace increased even more as the drizzle turned into rain. Thankfully, no incidents marred our speedy passage to Horseleap where the group took a brief but welcome pause to clean glasses before setting off to Clara and Tullamore with the promise of hot tea or coffee.

The coffee stop in Tulllamore was all that it promised; hot tea and coffee and a healthy snack! A group decision quickly determined that the shortest and quickest way home was the most appropriate given the rain outside. A profound discussion on the effectiveness of mudguards helped ease the uncomfortable conditions on the way home. This scribe was embarrassed to be informed that he was the only member of the group without one of these essential tools of the trade. Mea Culpa colleagues!

Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter we flew home, motivated by the welcoming thought of a hot shower. And, on completion of this very wet 75km we all fully understood the importance of mudguards, some more than others!

Mark Horohoe, Cristoir Sleator and Claire Malone in good spirits despite the rain last Sunday.