B Group notes 29th August

Post date: Aug 29, 2021 6:5:3 PM

Last of the Wednesday evening spins.

This coming Wednesday, September 1st, will be the last of the Summer evening spins as daylight conditions deteriorate. Hopefully it will stay dry and fine so that we can go out for a final hurrah.

B Group Notes

Group leader Eugene split the assembled B group riders into two groups for last Sunday's club cycle. The prescribed route had us down to cover 90 km and a shade over 400 metres of climbing. With all the fantastic late Summer weather we’ve been having recently, our spirits were slightly quelled when we were met with a very fine drizzle as we assembled at O’Briens. Not to worry, we set off with the hope rather than expectation that the sun would ‘burn’ through the clouds but not everyone was as hopeful and some in the group put shoe covers on which Eddie Byrne did concede at the tea stop was a wise move.

It's a well accepted fact that bike technology increases year-on-year and this inevitably – or should help for speed & comfort gains. However a flat battery for changing gear left one of our group floundering to keep up on the downhill section and definitely put the battery victim in line for a bit of gentle slagging.

It’s great that we can put out two separate B groups on a Sunday morning as this allows those coming up from the C group on a Saturday, or those who don’t wish to go quite as fast to get out in a group so please keep coming out in numbers. Until next week, safe cycling.