A Group Sunday 6th June 2021

Post date: Jun 06, 2021 6:51:49 PM

Bright and dry conditions prevailed for the Sunday spins which meant large numbers out once again for both A and B groups. The downloaded routes to Garmins, Wahoos & other bike computers were really needed for the A group's voyage into deepest Offaly. After we turned left off the old N6 a few Km outside Kilbeggan most of us found ourselves on roads we had never been on before. We knew we were headed for Clara and after a few twists and turns, we got there. Straight onto Tullamore for the coffee break with about 57 Km done at this point. The return leg brought us on back roads over Derrygolan and eventually into Tyrellspass. As soon as we were on the familiar N52 and home was now less than 20 Km away the speed started to creep up and lads were watching for someone to ‘break’. When enquiries were made as to who took the honour of being the first Wheeler home on the day, conflicting reports flowed in so we call this one a split decision! Overall there was a little over 100km completed at over 33 kph average. Impressive figures. Well done to everyone.