A Group Spin 13 June 2021

Post date: Jun 16, 2021 10:28:49 AM

A/B Group Spin

There was definitely the aroma of sunscreen in the air as the A and B groups from Lakeside Wheelers assembled at O’Briens car park on the Lynn Road. Two decent sized A groups headed off towards Horseleap where we took the back road into Clara and then on to Rahan and stopping for tea and coffee at Blue Ball. By this time it seemed that Met Eireann may have been correct with their weather predictions as the air temperature was definitely getting warmer. With still over 50 Km to go this prompted several people to buy water to replenish supplies lest the dreaded cramp affect anyone in the push for home. However the promised low to mid 20° temperatures did not materialise and a very light shower of rain greeted us as we crossed back into Westmeath. The one thing we were thankful for was that no one suffered punctures on this trip so the 105 km was covered in decent time.

The Midland Inter Club League or MIL for short makes its welcome return next Thursday, June 17 and will run until August 19. This is a well-known and beloved series of races held in various villages and crossroads throughout the Midlands and hosted by the several clubs involved.

A huge amount of organisation goes into these types of events and for many years our representative on the MIL committee was Steven Franzoni based in Outdoor Escape. It was he who organised and coordinated all of the various efforts needed to successfully and safely host two MIL races every Summer on behalf of the club. Steven is now stepping away as Lakeside Wheelers rep for the league. We thank him for everything he’s done in the past and wish him and his business well for the future.

His replacement is Brendan Kiernan or ‘Tosh‘ to those who know him. Best of luck to Tosh in this new role and I know that Wheelers members will continue to lend a hand as required when it’s our turn to host an evening's racing. If you wish to know more about the MIL please contact secretary@lakesidewheelers.ie or check out Facebook where it has its own page.