A Group Report December 20th 2020

Post date: Dec 28, 2020 11:6:43 AM

A Group Report.

Paul Murtagh most improved Rider 2020.

We had twelve out to celebrate Paul Murtagh receiving the award for the most improved rider in the club for 2020. Once all the formalities were complete we headed off on a steady if somewhat cold and mucky 85 Km spin with no stop policy in place. This was a very solid group and we once again enjoyed another excellent route plotted by group leader Mark Horohoe. Mark had us on main roads and some back roads with plenty of drags thrown in for good measure. The group's progress was hampered by a puncture after 65km but this was quickly fixed and we all headed for home. It was great to have banked 85 Km upon our return to Mullingar.