A Group Report

Post date: Mar 01, 2020 1:38:1 PM

A Group back on the road...Sunday 23-02-2020

After two weeks of no club spins thanks to storms Ciara & Dennis it was back to the grind for all groups on Sunday last February 23rd.

With our resident google maps expert taking a break from route design. It was down to yours truly to come up with a route to ease us all back out onto the roads and off the turbo trainers. To avoid excuses and no shows we put the route up a little later this week (I promise it had nothing to do with me forgetting to do it 😉).

Upon arrival at headquarters we quickly split into two groups with ten plus in each group and set out on our way to Athlone on a very often used route via Loughnavalley and Ballymore. As we all know this is a very challenging road at the best of times but with a strong head wind and the visit of the puncture fairy on number of occasions to the second group, the coffee and treats were hard earned and well deserved in Athlone.

With a tailwind for company the pace increased as we returned home via Moate, Kilbeggan & Dalystown. As is often the case when we hit the N52 the race for home begins in earnest and judging by the pace and how well the group stayed together a lot of members are putting in the work in the gym and on the turbo trainers. Well done to all on what turned out to be an excellent morning for a 100km spin!

Photo: Paul Crowley, PJ Carey.