Coaching Night

A coaching night with Mr. Paddy Doran and Dr. Crionna Tobin has been organised for all club members (leisure and racing) for Thursday 8th October at 7:30pm in the Greville Arms Hotel. The cost for this event is €5. The evening was originally scheduled to start half an hour later but it's been decided to start at the slightly earlier time of 7:30pm to facilitate additional time for the Q&A session.

This is the ideal time of year to start thinking and planning for your winter training programme. If you have a major sportive planned for next year or are thinking of starting to race this will provide you with the fundamentals for structuring your training. The more advanced riders will certainly benefit from the performance nutrition advice. If this event is successful we may consider similar sessions in future.

The title of the event is “How leisure and competition cyclists train to go quicker for longer”

Topics to be covered include...

Paddy Doran

  • Secret to successful training the key training principles

  • What are we trying to improve?

  • How do we improve it?

  • Example of fitness improvements

  • Common fitness and training components

  • The 365 day cyclist

  • Successful Ras cyclists and sportive riders - example of year plan

  • Training methods

  • Key training sessions

  • Control of workload

Paddy Doran is a level 3 cycling Ireland coach and Level 2 Coach tutor, he has also completed many other coaching related courses.. Has achieved a Certificate in Theory and practice of working in groups through Maynooth University. Paddy was a successful cyclist and began coaching while still competing. He has coached many international and professional cyclists delivering innovative training programmes that have delivered many successes. He has also coached cycling for triathletes and sportive riders. He was head coach of the very successful Cycling Ireland High performance development programme that is currently delivering a steady stream of excellent cyclists to Cycling Ireland squads.

Further details on both speakers can be found at

Performance Nutrition Dr Crionna Tobin

  • Eating for top performance during training and competition

  • Fueling to optimize recovery and training adaptations

  • Ensuring specific nutrition requirements are achieved for different training sessions and training days

Crionna believes that educating the athlete on the role nutrition plays in maximising performance is a vital life skill that will enhance performance in the short term and the health of the athlete in the long term. Her message of food first is one that is delivered in an understandable, practical and enjoyable style. She received her doctorate from Dublin City University in 2013, which focused on carbohydrate metabolism and high intensity exercise in team sports. Crionna has worked as a performance nutritionist since 2008 working with many Irish International athletes including Jennifer O Reilly, Fionnuala Britton, Maria McCambridge, Conor Niland and Brian Gregan.