Stage 2 - Road Stage - 20th April

posted 27 Apr 2011, 15:24 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 11 May 2011, 15:28 ]

Last Wednesday saw as fantastically close finish to Stage 2 of the Club League. Matt Burke (Blue Category) held off the Red Category to finish just 12 seconds ahead of Stuart Cox who lead the Red's home. The main bunch was lead home by Sunday B-Group rider J.P. Kilmurry who should be delighted with the many experienced cyclists on his wheel! Welcome to the new members taking part for the first time including Vivienne Fitzpatrick, Matt Burke and Pat O'Sullivan who started in the Blue Category for their first experience of the Club League. 50 members started, 15 other members volunteer for marshalling and with many other members at Dysart as spectators it was a real club occasion.

Stage 2 was the first occasion when a new system was trialled where members took up key positions to plan/organise a night of the club league. On stage 2 Dave Fagan took the role of Race Organiser and Darragh Caffrey the role of Head Marshal. Both men deserve praise for the exceptional job they did with everything running so well on the night. The intention is to roll this out for the rest of the league.

Stage 2 was a bonus night for the Yellow category - with additional points available for the top 3 yellow category riders to finish - 1ST + 6 points , 2nd +4 points, 3rd +2 points. There are bonus stages for the Red and Blue categories to come later is the league as advised in the stage details.

League Positions after Stage2:
Blue Category: 1. Pat Weir 2. Cathy O'Toole 3. Carmel Dolan
Yellow Category: 1. J.P. Kilmurray 2. Noel Delaney 3. David Shaw
Red Category: 1. Stuart Cox 2. Damien Shaw 3. Robbie Kenny

Overall: 1. Stuart Cox 2. J.P. Kilmurray 3. Damien Shaw

Stuart Cox, leading JP Kilmurray by 1 point, will wear the Overall Leaders white jersey in Stage 3.

A few items to mention
- There was good safe cycling by all groups last week with riders keeping to their own side of the road. This continued safe cycling is needed to ensure we continue to have the welcome of the motorists who we share the circuit with. Thanks to everyone who parked at the church - we will continue to keep the Pub car park reserved for riders assembly and lead cars only. Please comply with marshals and assemble with your bike in the car park so we are not a nuisance/danger on the road while the race is starting. Please ensure all litter is take home with you - especially energy gel/bar wrappers.

- Fonsie at the Village Inn continues to make us welcome - and it's great to have a chat over a mineral and a healthy packet of Tayto after the league to show our appreciation for facilitating us.

- Race organisers cannot accept membership payments on the night of the league as insurance cover is not in place until Cycling Ireland are notified with your details by the Club Secretary.

- Handicapping is not an exact science. The aim is to give everyone in so far as possible an equal and fair chance in the league. It will never be perfect but with constantly tweaking it will get more accurate as the league progresses. Considerable analysis has been done in advance (including advice from the 3 Group Leaders) to pre-handicap the full club membership. As per league rules, riders may be moved up or down a colour category as deemed necessary at any stage.
Matt Burke in action on lap 2 of Stage 2
Kevin Monaghan,
11 May 2011, 16:37
Kevin Monaghan,
11 May 2011, 16:37