Stage 1 - Individual TimeTrial - Thursday 7th April

posted 27 Apr 2011, 14:52 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 27 Apr 2011, 15:24 ]
(By Mark Horohoe)
Thursday 7th April saw the kick-off of the 2011 Summer Club League. Stage 1 was a 4.3km Time Trial - just long enough to get into the swing of things. In total 48 riders took part and there were another 7 people who volunteered to marshal. Thanks to those who marshalled/time keepers without them the club league would not be possible. There were 10 bonus points on offer for all who attended stage 1 - these could become valuable before the end of the league.

Handicapping is not applied for the Time Trial but points are awarded based on a riders finishing position within their colour category.
As no "Top 6" points are awarded, there are 3 people in joint 1st place overall.

Well done to Damien Shaw who had the fastest time on Stage 1 will wear the leaders jersey for Stage 2.

Damien Shaw 52 points
Colm Lynch 52 points
Nigel Scarff 52 points

As per rules riders may be moved up or down a colour category as the league progresses if its apparent they are in the incorrect category. Thanks to the group leaders for their guidance with handicapping riders into colour categories.

Well done to everyone who took part. It was great to see a spread of riders from Blue, Yellow and Red categories.
Kevin Monaghan,
11 May 2011, 15:45