Stage 3 – Gort to Westport - May 22nd - 145K

posted 22 May 2012, 12:57 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 26 May 2012, 04:52 ]
Gort to Westport left us staring 145km in the face and a journey through Galway city which proved to be troublesome due to road works and traffic. Once past this bottleneck we had some very heavy and draggy roads to contend with but the scenery was a beautiful distraction, we turned off the Clifden road at Mam Cross to hit our first climb, a Cat 3 that warmed us up nicely. It was soon followed by a nasty Cat 2 which gave us our first slippery descent but was nothing like the hazard that came after we crested the steep Cat 1. 
Thankfully all got down safely and the run into Westport was fast along the shores of the impressive Lough Mask. Another day over and  the Wheelers team are still intact so bring on the " REST"  day's  dead flat and only 80 miles long to Bundoran. Hopefully I will have more time and less WIFI issues and promise to make the Blog more interesting, probably stick in a few photos of the massage sessions! 
Bed time now so hope all is well in Mullingar and chat soon.
Jack prepares for another hard day in the saddle.
Jack prepares for another hard day in the saddle.