Stage 2 - Kilkenny to Gort - May 21st - 158K

posted 22 May 2012, 12:58 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 24 May 2012, 01:01 by Mark Monaghan ]
Day 2 saw the peloton depart at 8am from Kilkenny bound for Gort in South Galway. This was a handy 154km spin which took in some fabulous scenery and 5 Category 3 climbs. The only drawback here was that the last 4 climbs came in the last 40 miles which left us feeling like yo-yos. Once again there was a decision to be made when the hammer went down after 20km and would you believe it our Direccteur Sportif was AWOL so we had to revert to the pre earpiece system and use our own brains. Can you credit it that our manager would abandon us on our first venture into the Grand Tours but I am sure he was at the "coalface". Well decide we did, and with 2 going with the break and 2 staying we made sure we had all angles covered. The speed was intense across some very lumpy roads for the first 65 miles to Killaloe where we stopped for fuel. From here we started to climb the succession of hills which were manageable but their proximity to each other was leg sapping.  The  main news of the day was that Jack had a very significant birthday to celebrate which was recognised several times and he still wasn't happy  but boy did his lips stretch  when, as we watched the finish of  THE  Ràs  we happened to turn and catch a guy taking a photo of his precious S Works!!!! I advised him to keep a good eye on it over the next few days as he was liable to see it for sale on Done Deal or at Clara Market!! Happy Birthday Hef.